Limited edition A2 lithographic prints designed by Oliver O'Brien.
Electric Tube
Tube Tongues
Second Languages
Tube Tongues + Second Languages + Electric Tube (3 Prints)
Special price
£15 unframed
A2 Landscape
594mm x 420mm
silk finish
Lithographic printElectric Tube only
Professionally produced as high quality lithographic prints on 170gsm A2 paper, with a “silk” (also known as matte) finish. This gives the paper a crisp, premium feel and helps enhance and preserve the colour.
This pack combines three of my London data prints. Tube Tongues highlights the second commonly spoken language by people living near each tube station in London. Second Languages applies the same concept, but throughout London's 600-odd ward areas. Electric Tube is a whimsical tube map, with lines correctly connected but quirkily distorted. All three prints are delivered in the same postal tube. The prints are not numbered.

The datasets used to create these art prints are derived from the OpenStreetMap project which is © OpenStreetMap contributors 2015 and available under the Open Database Licence (ODbL), and the Office for National Statistics, which is Crown Copyright and Database Right 2015 and available under the Open Government Licence (OGL).
Framing Notes
Please note that the prints are supplied unframed. They are designed to fit particularly well in the following kinds of frames:
  • 70cm x 50cm IKEA-type frame, with mount containing 49cm x 39cm window. This is the recommended frame.
  • They will also look great in A2 frames without mounts, or larger frames with A2 mounts. This way, the full print can be seen at once.
  • Alternatively, the prints will also look great unframed or in simple clip frames.